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CMAR R 2500 hot water pressure cleaner

The most efficient hot water pressure cleaner on the market


The R 2500 is a hot water and high pressure combination cleaner equipped with a world first re-suction system.

It is the benchmark on the compact street washer market, the re-suction system absorbs all the water and dirt scoured by the combination of high pressure and hot water leaving your surfaces spotless in one single passage.

The hot water uses temperature of up to 70° combined with pressure of 4000 PSI at 30 L / per minute making it very fast and efficient.



  • 50% energy savings thanks to the use of a single boiler
  • 30% water savings thanks to a single run with no rinsing
  • The ground is left dry after its passage thanks to its suction system
  • Euro V standard chassis, quieter, more economic and cleaner
  • Possibility of working indoors, eg in industrial buildings, in retailing areas at all times of the day, and in any circumstances
  • As soon as it has passed, everything is absorbed, leaving the ground dry and impeccably clean

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