Enviropath has been in the business of providing specialist road sweeping services across Perth and Sydney for the last 20 years. Our enduring reputation in the industry has been built on a commitment to excellent service delivery to all our clients and diligently rising to the challenges that may come with providing our services.

We have a state-of-the-art fleet of street sweepers. Operating this powerful machinery is staff consisting of expertly trained and well experienced technicians with a great mastery of all that it takes to provide quality street services in Perth and Sydney. A strict adherence and compliance of all OHS standards at all times on-site is also a part of the package when it comes to Enviropath

Service You Can Trust

Enviropath is a full-service commercial and industrial cleaning company. Our clients can hire our services as a one-off arrangement as best meets their needs. Alternatively, the company may enter into a contract agreement with a client, the terms of which would involve regular road sweeping following a schedule agreed upon.

Our Road Sweeper Services include the following:

· Street cleaning and scrubbing

· Road and gully cleaning

· Car park cleaning

· Foot paths

· Street sweeping

· Side walk cleaning

From local authorities to privately owned commercial and industrial developments, we have a very diverse client base that shares a common trust and confidence in the quality of the services that we provide.

From local councils, property developments to commercial and industrial park, we have proven our capability in providing quality road sweeping services to our diverse clientele over the years.

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