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Enivropath is Australia’s leading cleaning specialist, with an enviable record of providing fast, reliable, environmentally friendly and comprehensive cleaning services to government and commercial  clients for over 15 years.


We can offer you unparalleled high-pressure cleaning services, sweeping services, tramway solutions and track cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and hard surface cleaning and sealing services.

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We deliver guaranteed results

We stand by our ability to deliver the cleanest and most efficient cleaning solutions. Before commencing work, we’re happy to perform a free trial demonstration to show you the excellent results achieved for any surface, from concrete paving through to timber decking. Before and after photography is provided as a proven result of a detailed and professional job.

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You benefit with Enviropath

  • We’re effective

    Our pressure cleaning removes gum, mould, moss, stains, graffiti, dirt, and other foreign matter swiftly and effectively.

  • We eliminate most chemicals

    We eliminate most of the chemical use, or if absolutely necessary, only use biodegradable or natural chemical cleaning products.

  • We minimise noise

    Our customised equipment is very quiet and operate well below the standard noise levels.

  • We’re better for the environment

    Our efficient use of water is sourced from rainwater tanks where possible.

Contact us to discover how we can make your city, roads, tracks and large venues cleaner than ever before

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