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Green Machine 400ze electric sweeper

The GM400ze is a fully electric vacuum sweeper. It is a walk-behind machine equipped with a revolutionary air-recirculation system that not only increases the suction performance but also the dust filtration capacity. That makes that the particle exhaust decreased three times, without sacrificing the 400’s incredible suction power. The 400ze removes almost everything: cans, cigarette ends, leaves, dirt and glass bottles. The new 400ze comes standard with an impeller that mulches debris to one third of its original size. The RS version of the 400ze comes with the patented fold-and-stow seat and switches from walk behind to ride-on in seconds.

It is the workhorse of City Cleaning around the world. Its unrivaled performance and sleek style leave an appealing impression on those around it.





  • Designed with the Operator in Mind – Excellent visibility,
  • simple controls, offering both walk-behind and ride on options.
  • Exceptional Maneuverability – Get in and around places that historically were hand cleaned. The 400ze
  • Machine’s center pivot point (around the propel axle) provides unparalleled balance. This industry leading
  • maneuverability helps reduce fatigue meaning operators are more attentive to the job and those around them.
  • Debris Compaction – Reduce bulk debris like paper cups and leaves by as much as 66% with the high speed
  • Pedestrian Friendly Curb Appeal – In public spaces, it is critical that the unit create a sense of comfort among pedestrians. The Green Machine 400ze Series does just that, fulfilling the cleaning function without disrupting the flow of Pedestrian traffic, both on the sidewalk and other pedestrian spaces, whilst also meeting and exceeding local Environmental polices.

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